Welcome to ALIGN HealthCare Solutions. Our organization is proud to be a New York State Certified Woman Owned Business Enterprise.

ALIGN HealthCare Solutions delivers transparent consultative services and customized dashboards that are guided by the key performance indicators (KPI's) that have the greatest impact on improving patient outcomes while maximizing allowable reimbursement in order to optimize business performance and overall value.  This is achieved by sharing visually meaningful simplified data on a daily basis with all the right staff that highlights and prioritizes the most pertinent trigger areas with the greatest opportunity for improving outcomes and financial stability.  The most successful health care providers are already identifying and isolating key quality metrics that are essential to aligning operations within new payment models that now reward for cost effective quality care that improves patient satisfaction levels.  

Our tools are valuable time savers for leaders.  They are easily understood by the nurses and cnas who have the skills to resolve and prevent the most detrimental low quality care triggers.  This eliminates "guess work" and confusion by visually displaying data in understandable simplified terms that front line staff can relate to more easily than statitics, percentages or decimals.  Using the visual format we created, our displays quickly bridge the "lack of understanding and appreciation" that historically stresses and breaks down the relationship between the finance and clinical teams by making it easier to identify precisely which actions taken by the care giving team will improve clinical outcomes and in turn will achieve a more accurate reimbursement value for the services rendered.  Clinical staff will feel much more confident to take full credit for all of their expert knowledge that is well within their education and training when providing the services deemed necessary to their patients that will improve outcomes and also comply with reimbursement requirements.  This important shift of culture to a more confident front line staff will increase overall financial stability and improves the liklihood that the quality conscientious health care providers will remain viable enough to employ highly skilled confident staff who are committed to and proud of providing high quality health care services to all patients.