Our Services

ALIGN HealthCare Solutions delivers transparent consultative services and customized dashboard tools that are guided by those key performance indicators (KPI's) that have the greatest impact on care outcomes and reimbursement to optimize business performance.   

Health Care Operational Intelligence

  • Activity monitoring for real-time smarter insight into business performance to improve revenues, lower expenses, provide better service and protect future performance and viability
  • Process management for instantaneous action based on business policies and processes that explain the "who, what, when and why" of activities within the organization
  • Improved integration between financial and clinical staff to diminish historical wasteful silos and delays
  • Resource management that balances cost and services by capturing the appropriate documentation to support proper levels of reimbursement for the care delivered
  • Collaboration with all stakeholders along the continuum to improve outcomes, patient satisfaction and efficiency of care

Data Informed Analysis & Benchmarking using Customized Dashboards

  • Real-time dashboards for different user roles using industry standardized data
  • Visual data narratives that operate themselves, eliminating time consuming requests for key performance indicators established and published by CMS
  • Situational change detection using analytic alerts based on historical data and industry benchmarks
  • Event-centric transparent approach to data reporting that empowers staff to make better decisions at the front lines

Best Practice Education & Training Services On-site

  • Education best practice services based on clinical practice guidelines or evidence based medicine that improve efficiency and effectiveness of care delivery
  • Training support that promotes staff to perform to their full potential and work at the top of their licensure or skill set
  • Staff management support that boosts readiness for best practice project planning and implementation